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Monnet's Salamander  •
The Perfect Match Of Cognac And Gentle Spices

Liqueur Monnet Salamander

The idea behind Salamander is to offer a new angle on Cognac: a spirit which is also delicious when mixed with spices and other noble botanicals. The tastes complete each other and give birth to a delicious and very original drink. The Salamander is known for its capacity to withstand fire. It is the symbol of the Monnet house since 1838 and was also the emblem of King Francis 1st. It was obviously the right name for a product made with Monnet Cognac and spices.


Dark amber with glints of mahogany.




Smooth, warm and silky with a great harmony of orange, cinnamon, vanilla and lingering notes of Cognac (fresh grape, floral hints, fruity and slightly bitter fresh finish).

Complex notes of gingerbread, ginger, candied oranges, vanilla, cinnamon and coriander.

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