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Cognac Monnet XXO bouteille et pack

MONNET XXO • Beyond Excellence

Monnet XXO offers an unprecedented journey into the exceptional nuances of Cognac. Produced in very small quantities, this very rare XXO represents the epitome of Monnet’s savoir-faire, with a perfect roundness associated with a stunning delicacy. The Monnet XXO decanter’s design conveys what this exceptional Cognac is: perfect roundness, ultimate smoothness, combined with the strong energy of the Salamander!

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Deep amber with hints of mahogany.



The attack is characterized by its roundness and evolves towards an immensely rich mid-palate, accompanied with gingerbread and cinnamon. The finish is long and expressive on the palate, highlighted by sandalwood.

The first nose mixes notes of mahogany and cedar. With these come aromas of red berries, dominated by cherries and their pit. The whole is completed by sweet blond tobacco and subtle scents of undergrowth. The aromatic markers of very long years of aging are here undeniable.


Minimum Age : 14 YEARS


Aged in Limousin oak casks. Distillation with lees for more aromatic elegance. Aged in our cellars in Jarnac, France.

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