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Like a jewel, Monnet Cognac first sets itself apart by its glow and brightness. Like a jewel, it has been polished to perfection by the work of time and men. It is the result of a secular tradition, enriched through the years by the generations of cellar masters who relayed each other and passed on all the secrets of quality since 1838. They all had the same dream: make Monnet a great signature of Cognac and turn the tasting of a Monnet Cognac into a bright moment of refinement and pleasure.



Since its founding in 1838, Monnet has been one of the historical signatures of Cognac. It lived through its glory and peril, its History and the small events that made Cognac an outstanding product. Its leaders were often innovators, real visionaries. Such was the case of its founder, Jean-Gabriel Monnet, who quickly developed his company and built revolutionary cellars in Cognac. So was his son, Jean Monnet, who was also one of the founding fathers of the European Union. His openness to the world was a family legacy. Cognac is a bright way of bringing peoples together by celebrating a certain “art de vivre”. At the heart of Monnet Cognac is a devotion to transmitting traditions, but also the will to innovate, to push the limits and go further and further in quality. 


There is a Monnet style: “sunny” cognacs, warm with strong floral and fruity hints. Monnet Cognac is first enjoyed through one’s eyes, it sets itself apart through its remarkable brightness and the unctuosity of its texture. To the nose, the bouquet is subtle, slowly releasing beautifully sweet floral notes. In the mouth, a surprising richness and a beautiful balance are revealed. Tannins and woody notes do not mask the original grape flavors, they complete and merge with them. This specific style was captured by famous illustrator Cappiello in his renowned “Sunshine in a glass” poster, completed for Monnet in the 1920s. This poster gave the brand an aura that it still carries nowadays.

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Although the salamander is an actual animal, it is also a mythological creature which was allegedly capable of withstanding flames. In many cultures, it represents the myth of immortality, mastering fire and time. King Francis 1st, who was born in Cognac, chose the salamander as a symbol, which is why one will find it abundantly represented at Chambord Castle alongside the motto “Nutrisco et Extinguo” (I feed on fire and extinguish fire).


Monnet made it its emblem since its creation almost two centuries ago as the salamander perfectly embodies its values: the power to last and the one to create, the sacred fire and the consistency. The salamander symbolises Monnet’s dedication to offer Cognac aged until they fully thrive, warm, smooth yet powerful Cognac. It also embodies a certain point of view of the Cognac business, made of audacity and creation.

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